Κατασκευές μηχανημάτων & εξαρτημάτων
Μελέτες και εφαρμογές συστημάτων παραγωγής


M.P.C. (Multidirectional Pallet Carrier)

The M.P.C. refers to a study and manufacturing of a pallet carrier capable to transfer in two axes (Forward and Sideways) pallets weighing 1 ton. The M.P.C. pallet carrier was introduced in the Greek market during 2014 giving outstanding solutions to companies with limited pallet transportation spaces and is built with either manual or motorized operation. With a simple and quick action the M.P.C. from the standard forward movement of a pallet carrier gains the ability to move sideways without having to turn through narrow lanes in order to be able and move in space restricted areas.


L.D.P.S. (Pallet-Product Handling System)

A new product series was studied and manufactured in 2014 for the handling of pallets and products.

The given system has the ability to handle material in storage areas, feed directly to production equipment and claim finished or semi-finished material as it leaves the production equipment.

The L.D.P.S. is provided in two versions, manual and automatic, based on the requirements of each operation.