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Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance System P.M.S. is the cornerstone of Ldtech provided services according to which not only it undertakes to maintain a large scale of electromechanical equipment but also it applies an electronic monitoring system for the control and information of the actual situation and the trends that characterize it.

The Preventive Maintenance of the equipment of a production unit is the mean with which its flawless operation is ensured by reducing the risk of downtime due to equipment breakdown.   In parallel, it ensures that the equipment operates within its technical specifications and is constantly available to be used even at the limit of these specifications, limits such as production speed.

Additionally, through the correct mapping certain spare parts stock levels are created that ensure the immediate resolving of all technical issues. Also, they set free the required related cashflow since the stock levels are a result of technical information and time related statistical studies that take place during the implementation of the Preventive Maintenance.

A Preventive Maintenance System requires at least 12 months for the complete mapping, recording and implementation and can be applied either as a sole system or accompanied by the actual technical actions from Ldtech for its implementation.